Teesside Thirty Third (All Breed) Championship Show 2013

Umbro Misiowe Marzenie (Bruno)

Bruno had a hard day at the show too, what...with the heat and all, but he did extremely well for his first time and gained a Challenge Certificate towards his Championship status (two to go.).

Lilac Adult                                     First Prize with CC

AV Debutante Adult                      First Prize

AV Junior Adult                             First Prize

Horoscope Aquarius                     Second Prize

AV British Adult (Club Class TCC)          First Prize

AC SH Adult (Club Class NCCC)             Third Prize

Best of Breed

1st Breed Class

Again, Well done Bruno

Baronet Lilly Cream

Lilly Cream flat out after a hard days work at the show. Here is what she achieved.....

AC Colourpointed Kitten                     First Prize

AV Breeders Kitten                             First Prize

AV Visitors Kitten                                First Prize

Horoscope Aquarius                           First Prize

AV British Kitten (Club Class TCC)             First Prize

AV British Kitten (Club Class DCCC)             First Prize

Best of Variety (British Kitten)  2013

Best of Breed

1st Breed Class   


Well done Baronet Lilly Cream

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