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Baronet Cats


BARONET is our breeders prefix name which is registered with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF). All our GCCF registered kittens will have their name prefixed with BARONET, for example one of our kittens could be called 'BARONET Tinkerbelle '. Of course, this is their pedigree name registered with the GCCF and shown on the pedigree certificate but you can name your kitten whatever you think fit.


Our Family


Our family consists of Children from varying ages from Terrible Teens down to Terrible Toddlers so you can be assured that our kittens are well and truly used to the hussle and bussle of a busy house and being handled by a wide range of children from birth.


Our Location


We are in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear conveniently situated two miles off the A19 which is the main North- South entrance road into Tyne and Wear and only 7 miles from the A1(M). Our location is illustrated on our contacts page.


 Our Kittens


Details about our kittens and securing deposits are available on the Nursery Page


Our Cats


First and foremost our cats are our pets and their health and well-being are our main priority. All cats have access to our home as well as permanent access to a specially built area outdoors which offers adequate protection from neighbouring cats.  They spend a lot of their time within the family home which means they are very well socialised and accustomed to everyday household noises and every day life.

All of the cats are registered as active with the GCCF and our studs have a certificate of entirety. All of our cats are Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) negative,  We also perform blood group testing to establish stud and queen blood group compatibility prior to mating. All cats are regularly wormed and receive regular treatments to prevent fleas and mites. We use a range of products to suit the individual cat, with consideration given to age, weight and whether or not in kitten. If you require any further information on these subjects, please feel free to contact us.




 Baronet British Shorthair Cats and its Logo is a Registered Trademark in accordance with The Trademark Act 1994 and owned by Baronet Cats. Please do not use our logo, photo's or name without prior consent from Baronet Cats.