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Northern Counties Cat Club has a long history, having held a show as long ago as 1910 in Wakefield. It has always been associated with the North East of England and has held most of its functions on Tyneside or Wearside.

The objects of the Club are to promote the welfare of cats, the interests of Club members with regard to the breeding and care of cats, and the holding of Cat Shows.

Petlog -Your best friend when a microchipped pet goes missing

Over 6 million pet owners trust Petlog to help reunite them with their lost pets. If your pet ever goes missing, Petlog gives you the best chance of finding them. 

The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy is the premier registration body for breeding and showing pedigree cats in the UK. The health, welfare and wellbeing of all cats is their mission and they are there to advise, educate and support all cat owners whether they have a highly titled pedigree cat or a humble moggie.

Durham County Cat Club



Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs

- Code of Practice for the Welfare of Cats

University of Bristol Veterinary School 'Bristol Cats' Study 

- a study to improve cat welfare. 

British Shorthair Cat Club Facebook Page

GCCF Breeder Scheme


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