Registered kittens will not be released until the 13th week, this is to ensure that the kitten has received it's full course of vaccinations and a veterinary health check. This period is also required to socialise the kitten into the domestic environment, teaching them to use a scratch post and recognise the need for a litter tray.


Visiting your kitten


Once you have secured a GCCF registered kitten with us you will be most welcome to visit to see the progress of your kitten in its environment. Visiting is by prior arrangement only. 

A Warm Welcome For Your New Kitten

Why not take a look at our leaflet 'A New Home for your New Kitten' which will give you some handy hints for preparing your home for the arrival of your kitten.

Pedigree Certificate

All kittens and cats that have originated from the Baronet Cattery ie: the cat/kitten has the prefix BARONET will have a Pedigree Certificate embossed with this image. If you have received a Baronet cat and the pedigree certificate is not embossed through the paper with the image then please let us know so that we can check it out. We can supply an original embossed pedigree certificate for a Baronet Cat  at the cost of £6.50 if you are the original owner and you have lost the pedigree certificate. Please use contact form. If you have gained a Baronet Cat from a third party and you think the pedigree may not be right please let us know.

This is our way of preventing pedigree certificates from being falsified.

 Your Kitten Pack


When you buy a GCCF Registered kitten from Baronet Cats you will receive a kitten pack on collection, this will consist of:

  • Bag of Kitten Food and details of where to purchase it in the future.
  • Bag of Litter and details of where to purchase from.
  • Leaflet 'Welcoming your kitten into your home'.
  • A sample of Kitten toys to provide you and your kitten hours of entertainment*
  • Laser Pointer which your kitten/cat will go mad for!
  • 1 Month Free Petplan Insurance**.
  • Royal Canine Kitten Pack with an invitation to apply for free bag of food.
  • Kitten Information Booklets.
  • Embossed Four Generation Pedigree Certificate.
  • Baronet Kitten File.
  • Vaccination Certificate and documented vet health check record.
  • GCCF Registration Documentation.
  • After sales advice via mobile Phone, E-Mail or Text.

For a picture of the Baronet Kitten Pack please go to photo gallery at bottom of page.

*   Selection of toys and products may vary due to availability and change of trends or research.

**  As part of the GCCF Breeders Scheme ethics this is not optional. In order to activate the one month's free insurance your details and mobile phone number must be supplied to Petplan, you must agree to this before you purchase a kitten from us.


After Collection of your Kitten


After you collect your kitten, we do hope you keep in touch and let us know how kitten is doing. We also welcome any questions or queries, especially with regards to your kitten'





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