Kaylar (Kruzinkal Kaylar)



Kaylar is a Chocolate Tortie-Point (40 9). Kaylar has done very well on the show bench and has reached Championship Status.



Blood Group: B


PKD Status: Negative

A special thanks to Helen at Kruzinkal British Shorthair Cats and also Diane from Tahirah British Shorthairs who got Kaylar through to Championship status.






Photograph by kind permission of Tahirah Cats 


Harriet (Harriet Blue Galaxy) 

Harriet is a Blue Self (16) originally from the Czech Republic.

Blood Group: B







Photograph by kind permission Neaum Cats


 Bo (Baronet Bo Jangles)

Bo is a Lilac Colour Point (40 4) and is a Baronet Cat.

Blood Group: B


 Rosie (Baronet Wild Rosie)

Rosie is a Chocolate Tortie Colour Point (40 9) and is a Baronet Cat.

Blood Group: B


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